Oh, Carrie.

First: I love country music. I know... It's a contradiction kind of like a screaming mime. Even though usually if I hear a banjo it's bad news for me and the Sarge... that's another post.

Second: I have a slight lady-crush on Carrie Underwood. I just love her stinkin' voice (even though, a lot of her music is... well, the same). She's beautiful and she seems so down home and sweet. Who knows if that's the truth. In fact, if it isn't the truth, please don't tell me. For my sanity, there need to be some famous people who are both talented and wholesome. Unlike someone who is riding on wholesome-ness but lacking talent and still somehow seems to take awards home... Like a certain Taylor Swift! (Sorry if you like her... I can't stand her voice!) They don't even compare in terms of vocal talent. Gah! But I digress.

Have you heard her most recently released song, Two Black Cadillacs? I heard it about a year ago (I think) on my Blown Away Slacker radio station and loved it then. And as always, hearing something on the radio is more exciting than hearing it any other way. So image my delighted smile when this song started. I even like the video. Oh Carrie. You're so cute... and you play such good strange. Am I right? Oh, come on.

Okay. So has anyone noticed that this song is just like a new "Goodbye Earl" from the Dixie Chicks a while back? Although, I haven't heard nearly the backlash from this song -- Goodbye Earl seemed to get a lot of panties in a twist (and not in the good way hehe). But two women getting together to off a sleaze-ball husband and getting away with it? Again? So soon?  Ah, well.

P.S. Don't worry Miranda, mama loves you just as much as Carrie. Don't go getting your feelings hurt. :)

P.P.S. So....since we're on the topic.

Here are my top 5 Carrie Underwood Songs...
Which is actually 6, just because I can.

5. Just a Dream
Probably because I'm a military spouse.

4. Her duet with Brad: tied between Louisiana Woman, Mississippi Man or Remind Me.
I can't decide and thank goodness these are my rules so I don't have to. :)

3. Mama's Song.
Because this is for sure a song that I would have played for my mom at my wedding if I'd known it at the time.

2. Blow Away.
I have no idea why I love it but it's about the only song I have found myself humming in the past 6 months.

1. Hands down, her rendition of How Great Thou Art. Marinate on this!

love, me


  1. I think this didn't get the backlash because it is WAY more subtle than Goodbye Earl. And it isn't upbeat. I think the combo of lyrics like "Earl had to die" with the bouncy beat offended folks. Plus, we are like 10-15 years progressed, right?

    I LOVE me some Carrie too!

    1. I think you're right Brittney. Carrie is way more classy than that. But I loved Goodbye Earl and I'm not ashamed.

  2. Glad you're back!! And LOVE the new design. Also, I love me some Carrie. I used to be a fan of TSwift, but not anymore...I'm over her.

    1. So glad you turned from your wicked ways lol. Also, glad to be back and .. a little jealous that you are so consistent!! <33