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First of all.. GOOGLE READER! Why must you leave?? Makes me so sad. Just as I'm catching up on all the friends, Google decides to pull the rug right from under my feet. 

Well, it's okay... because I was referred to Feedly and I really like it!! It's got a clean, fluid design and a gnarly android app. I haven't put it on the iPad yet, but I have to assume the iOS app is pretty sweet too. They're even facilitating "limited time" seamless transitions for us Google orphans. Check it out once you get over your mourning like I had to do :)

Anyway, back to Thursday. I'm excited this Thursday because we just made plans for a Disney World day trip. I don't love Disney, but I do love seeing the Sarge's excitement about Buzz Lightyear (LOL). We're trying to go before all you crazy tourists get here. 

And it's okay that I am being a total heifer this week, even though I need to get in gear because my parents will be here in a month and we still have to paint the bathroom and buy new bed dressings!! But I am not freaking out AT ALL [even though I'm being lazy].

It's okay that I JUST discovered NARS Taj Majal which is like the black girl's Orgasm (the blush haha).


Also, it's official. Sergeant J is being deployed. Lame. 

BUT it's okay.... it's part of the job description! And on the bright side, that gives me plenty of time for rabbit eating and saving up for Italy. YES. Italy. We're planning to go to ITALY for 3 weeks to celebrate our 5 year anniversary (next December). The BAD news is we might have to PCS (move) next summer or fall, which would put a small wrench in our plans. But Italy! I DIE!!


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Ahhh. Ship me here and leave me! Have you been to Italy? What was your favorite part of the trip?

love, me


  1. Four things:

    1) Disney- SO FUN!
    2) Deployment - boo.
    3) ITALY- OMG! How awesome!
    4) PCSing - I now work for a moving company that does DITY moves for military members (which can actually put $ in yo pocket) so let me know if I can help you. I am not actually a moving coordinator (I do marketing) but I know our service is great. :)

    1. Haha.. I'm so excited. As far as the move: I don't think I will EVER do a DITY move. I hate moving but the moving companies make it bearable. BUT.. if we ever do I will for sure keep you in mind. Also, I will recommend you to my friends! It's always nice to know first hand about a company :))

  2. Oh Italy. You will love, love, love it there. I absolutely fell in love with the Amalfi Coast and Tuscany. Rome and Venice are pretty amazing, too, but if I ever go back, I will be on the Amalfi Coast in no time.

    1. My roommate at seminary last summer had just come back from the Amalfi Coast and I'm pretty sure I'm in love with it without ever having seen it. And one of my dear friends from college loves Florence and we're so much alike I'm sure I'll love Tuscany too lol. I have the feeling I will NOT be disappointed.

  3. Oh my gosh, Italy is amazing. Seriously, amazing!! You are going to love it. If you have the chance to go to Switzerland, do that as well. It was my favorite!

    I'm your newest follower so I can keep up with your trip!


    1. We are probably going to take a space a(vailable) flight to fly into Naples. But, we're probably going to spend about a week in the Milan area, so maybe we'll check it out! I've been trying to convince the Sarge to do an Italian Road trip but that's kind of scary since my italian is minimal. I guess that's what I can do for the next year LOL!!