Top Two Tuesday

Hi friends. Way back when I started blogging, there was a gal named Tay who had a blog that hosted Top 2 Tuesday. It was a linky, similar to ... well ... any other blog hop you've ever seen. It was one of my favorite hops because it was a quick post. So... since Tay is gone (or at least only available to private readers), I'm going to revive it here. I must say.. if the original ever comes back, I will concede. But until then, here's the first happy life blog Top Two Tuesday! 

P.S. Y'all would totally judge me about how long I worked on this little image and this blog post. I finally gave up on what I wanted it to look like and just posted the last attempt. I am so lame. Who here is a graphic designer and wants to help me?? :))

Will you join me? Here's an old one to get us started.

Top 2 Dream Rooms

The first one is of course an amazing entertaining kitchen, where I could cook and store every gadget and have plenty of room for all the friends. I would love this kitchen with all my little heart. The light cabinets. The ceiling. The lighting. I die!!

And then I would love a home office for Perfectly Posh and crafting... preferably furnished by Pottery Barn of course! We have a room that will be my office but right now it's a storage space. (very sad face.) Perhaps before this summer, I'll have a proper office! I love this simple table and the elegant decor. I even kind of dig that chair! 

What do your dream homes look like? Add your link below!

love, me

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