B is for Broken (and blog hop... unrelated.)

I haven't really thought up a theme for my blog posts during this A to Z challenge. As I looked through my obligatory 15 or 20 blogs for Day A, I noticed how many people want to be writers. And you know what? I remember a time when I thought I would love to be a writer. 

So I began to think: what might I write, given the opportunity? Currently, I'm a seminary student so the logical (and truthful) answer is that I would love to write about Jesus! Well.. my first thought was "what a broad topic!", but then I began to think how inadequate I am to write anything worth reading for women looking for Jesus in every day life. For anyone. I'm not smart enough to be considered a theologian, at least not formally, and let's be honest: I struggle with seeing projects through to completion. I'm a jack of many intellectual pursuits, master of none, and I'm not sure I've given sufficient time to any writings I've produced. (Let's be honest... how can you give sufficient time to a topic like the incarnation? Especially when you've got a full course load? It all falls short... painfully short!)

But then I thought about who God is, and the types of people he uses to accomplish his work. People that are broken. People who set out to do one thing, and look back over their day or week or year and realize they have completely failed. People who were not eloquent or well versed, who tried to take matters into their own hands, and sinned and failed and were otherwise imperfect for the task God called them to do. That's me! That's you! 

Have you ever heard someone say, "You want something done right, you've got to do it yourself"? God chose to use people who would get it wrong, so that the world would know his great power. We are not disqualified, like I am often guilty of thinking. Instead, he chooses to use imperfect people to spread the word about his perfect love.. As the song says, "I cannot boast in anything, no gifts, no power, no wisdom; but I can boast in Jesus Christ, his death and resurrection!" I'm humbled and confused by the way God works, but I can't deny his plan is working. We are weak and powerless, but somehow great things are still done in his name. And since we can't take credit, he gets the honor.  

William Carey suggested this: "Attempt great things for God; Expect great things for God." And that's about all we can do. But I suggest that part of that process is humbling yourself to a point that we realize that all we can do is "attempt" anything. Jesus said, "I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing" (John 15:5). Usually when someone is using that verse, they are talking about remaining connected to the "source" of your strength. But the profound comment here is that apart from him, "you can do nothing". 

The BEST I can produce on my own is nothing. 

Wow. Talk about broken. 

So, does that mean that this challenge will be spent writing mini theses about Jesus for the next 24 posts? Nah. I don't think so. Will I sit down and write a book? Well.. probably not on purpose. But being reminded of my complete brokenness and need for the power of Jesus is awfully refreshing. 

"B" Also happens to be for BLOG HOP, which is something I happen to host here on Tuesdays.. It has not exactly "taken off" but I enjoy it lol. Did y'all miss it last week? I was in the middle of Passion Week reflections last week, so I decided to hold off on the blog hop.

 Today I want to know what your top two inspirational quotes are. Mine change most days, but here they are!

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This is especially true because I started my home business, Perfectly Posh, almost a year ago to the date. I earned a big promotion last month and I can truly say I would have missed out on SO many fun times and friendships if I hadn't started when I did. For you it might not be Perfectly Posh. But there is SOMETHING that you've been toying with. Stop living your life waiting for the perfect moment. There is no perfect moment! Start NOW. Tomorrow is not promised!!


love, me

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  1. I hope you become unbroken soon! Thanks for sharing your story!

    (Stopping by from the A to Z Challenge)