I is for I

Sergeant J's "I" word for the day: inclusive. So, there's that. 

But for me... I thought for a while about what to write. And I settled on the "I". Seriously, how many times a day do we say "I"? A lot. I say "I" a lot. I mean.. you live with yourself more than anyone else, why wouldn't you think from the perspective of "I"? But has our love for "I" gotten out of hand? 

Obviously one should love himself, so please don't misunderstand me. But, with all the social media out there (I like to call it personal PR), we have embraced the "I". This has two major outcomes. The first is a narcissistic society, which we have mastered in my opinion. We are obsessed with ourselves. I mean, even me.. I'm writing this blog as if I have any authority to write about anything lol! Between having a blogging presence (which is affirmed by followers or commenters, no less), tweeting as if someone cares about our opinions, instagramming as if we are artists, linking in to tout our accomplishments publically, pinning and getting pinned to show our domesticity (or planned domesticity) and facebooking to compare it all (or show we are DOING it all), we have really made narcissism an art form. Me, too. I'm not pointing fingers.. just observing. 

But the second outcome is the one that hurts my heart. The things that we post are not us. They are just snapshots from our lives, clever one liners that we mayor may not have come up with. They're they high points, or the low points in the way we choose to present them. And this causes some onlookers to doubt themselves: their talents, their abilities, their successes as wives, moms, professionals, or just as people.

Social media is not bad. But let's be mindful of how we use it. As posters, this means authenticity, balance and sensitivity in what we say. We don't have to be without opinions, I just think that some people forget that anyone with access to a computer and basic reading skills can (and will) read what you've written. Don't back down, just remember that we have to live in this world (outside of the computer) together. 

As onlookers, we must remember that we are looking at what someone CHOSE to share. I posted a picture of our newly remodeled bathroom and I'm pretty proud of it. But remember that is a picture from before it was used! The towels won't always be yellow, the counter won't always be clear of clutter (it might not ever), and I didn't include pictures of the gray paint we accidentally got on the ceiling. The words and pictures you see are not of actual lives, just excerpts of lives. And if you begin to feel unsatisfied with your life, take a mini hiatus from social media. Remember that your life is good! Be thankful.. we are so blessed in ways I can't even count. I promise. If you keep things in perspective you will be much happier!

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The "I"s that almost were:
Introspection. I do it a lot. It's good for your (mental) health. 
Imago Dei (Image of God) -- and I just realized that I thought of the Latin before I thought of the English, even though both are "I" phrases. That's a win for my Theology professor!
Inception. Which really would have just been about Leo DiCaprio and Joseph Gordon Levitt. Sigh. 
Infertility. I just didn't want to go there this morning.

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love, me


  1. Thanks for the reminder. Yes, I do talk about myself too much. And I only talk about a small portion of what I think so I must think about myself waaayyy to much. :)

    It helps to keep it in perspective, especially when we start to feel down. Thanks!