M is for Manifesto

You'll noticed I missed L. You will also be happy to note that I will be back on track tomorrow! The 'rents are departing and though I am sad, it will be nice to have my routine back. Except that my dryer is broken. Always something, right? 

I will get to the M in a moment (you can skip ahead if you'd like) but for good measure, my L post was going to be "London". 

I have never wanted to visit the UK really. As the child of a man raised in the south during the 50s and 60s, I've been all too aware of racial tensions and it is a scary thought to face such things so far from home. Now, I highly doubt that London, for example, has a race problem. They might. But I like to explore, often beyond the acceptable limit for tourists, and who knows where (or with whom) I might end up. I'll bet most of my friends and readers have NEVER thought about what it might be like to be a minority in a foreign land. Well, now you know what (some) of us black folks have to think about. (Some don't even give it two thoughts. My anxiety makes me weirder than most.) 

ANYWAY. That wasn't what the London post was about lol! Sorry. The London post was actually about me wanting to go to London. I do! I haven't particularly wanted to visit any part of Europe, save for Italy and Spain (see the above paragraph). BUT I have started developing an interest in the area. Mainly because of my new bag which was shipped to me from Farnborough. Which I am obsessed with. And is being delivered today!

Also, I realized I love watching documentaries about London's history and I actually kind of want to see the city. Or live there. Long enough to pick up the accent. Actually, that's what this is about.. the accent. Lord, help me. 

Now for the M! I have shared this song with you before, but some readers are new and need to be exposed to this simple but FANTASTIC song. It makes me want to go out and run like they do at the end of the video. Sing along!! (I did lol)

We believe in the One True God 
We believe in Father, Spirit, Son 
We believe that good has won 
And all of the people of God sang along

amen yeah

We are free, He died and lives again
We will be a people free from sin 
We'll be free, a kingdom with no end 
And all of the people of God sang along 

amen yeah
amen yeah

Our father who art in heaven
Hallowed be thy name
Thy kingdom come, thy will be done
On Earth as it is in heaven 
Give us our daily bread 
And forgive us our trespasses 
As we forgive those 
Who have trespassed against us
And lead us not into temptation 
But deliver us from evil 
For thine is the kingdom, 
Power and the glory forever
We're singin'

amen yeah
amen yeah, yeah

love, me


  1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that song!
    CH & I went to London for a week in Oct. '11, and of course I did posts on it! Go check it out...it will make you want to go! :)

  2. Hi Aleasa, popping in from the A-Z :) I live half an hour from London, as with all capitals it's got it's problems. But the history is worth visiting. I've also been to both Spain and Italy. No problems in Italy, but we found some unpleasantness in Spain towards our daughter (she has special needs).
    Suzanne @ Suzannes Tribe

  3. Awesome post! Great song, too! I've always wanted to go to London, as well. I've never been out of the USA except for going to Mexico a couple of times. I'd love to go to Europe and especially London...at least they speak English and I won't have trouble communicating. However, part of me likes the idea of buying a villa in Tuscany.

  4. I love the song Manifesto. I could listen to it all the time!

  5. Great post. And I agree with you completely in that most people dont consider what traveling abroad as an minority. While I'm sure that for the most part everything would be fine, I wouldn't be surprised if someone somewhere caused problems. I mean, that still holds true in America unfortunately.
    We Are Adventure