Q is for Quick Trips (and Posts)

Do you travel spontaneously? 

The Sarge has a three(ish) day break between classes coming up, and I'm seriously thinking of traveling to Boston for the weekend (not this weekend... I'm crazy but not THAT crazy!). It's not too far from where he'll be, and would make a great weekend trip. 

Have you been to Boston, or are you from there? What are some things we can't miss? 

We love taking unexpected trips, it's one of the benefits of not having children. Heck, it's one of the benefits of being a housewife (no conflicting schedules). We've done everything from theme parks to historical (and ghost) tours, to just staying in a hotel a couple hours away. This trip is meant to savor some of our last days together before a long, long separation.

In honor of said trip... I'll be purchasing some fun travel accessories. We usually don't have to fly to where we're going, but this time I'll need a carry on. That's right.. I'm going to tackle the no-checked-baggage challenge. I am a notoriously heavy packer, so it should be fun. First, I'm getting this cute little carry on from Initials, Inc. 

As much as I'm obsessed with bright hues right now, I will probably get the Pewter color. There's something about a neutral that just tugs at my heart strings :)

Maybe I'll get this smaller piece in yellow... that would go right along with my yellow/grey obsession. This is a little makeup bag to go inside the larger one above.

And... why the heck not?

This is called a "Tune Keeper". It has an earbud cord keeper and
is big enough for the Samsung Galaxy or iPhone 5 WITH their cases.
Plus pockets for gym cards or IDs. I like it!

Just a little pouch.

and.. why not a key fob??

I'm sorry to be so short today, but we have a serious kitchen problem, AND our dryer is kaput so I have some housewife duties to take care of this morning. I can't wait to read everyone's posts! 

love, me

P.S. I haven't figured out how some people email me when I comment on their posts. Can I do that, too? I hear talk of it, and I think I've done it once or twice (on accident). Do you get alerted when I reply to your comments? Or do I have to email? Thanks, bloggy friends. Sorry I'm so clueless :) 


  1. If you hit the reply button, and they have their email in their profile, I think they get an email. But I'm not 100% certain on that.

    I LOVE those bags! Too cute!

  2. I get an email when someone posts a comment and I just respond to the email. I never respond to the actual post because I don't think people go back to look at their comments.

  3. Go to your settings and see if there is an option for your to receive email as notification on comments. My daughter helped me set up my blog site, and she must have done this for me.

  4. I went to college in Boston in the 80s, grew up on Cape Cod and returned to the Cape area in 2011 after 2 decades out west. What tips would you like? :) Sooooooo much to see up there and in coastal MA! How long will you be here?