R is for Revenge

I have only once sought out "revenge" for someone who really hurt me.

I will not lie to you. It was pretty satisfying. I had an "inside man" who was able to update me on the progress of my vengeful act. But it wasn't satisfying for long.

First of all, it was stressful to plan in the first place (I couldn't risk getting caught -- don't worry it wasn't illegal!). I couldn't be a person who planned to make life hard for people regularly. It doesn't come naturally and it took way more energy than just dealing with the hurt -- because I had to deal with the hurt anyway. Second, the elation of victory was followed by the long and difficult depression of guilt. Not only did I feel guilty, but I had that hurt thing to deal with as well. Not fun.

We confuse revenge with "an eye for an eye". Hurt is not equal to hurt. For example, getting your heart broken is not the same as making said heart breaker late for work or even lose their job. It is impossible to recreate your hurt in another person, so don't try. This is the wisdom of the happy life.

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love, me

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