W is for Wordpress.org

I hope I didn't build up your expectations about the W post lol. This is a strictly technical post!

This blog (as you may or may not notice) is hosted by blogger. I really like blogger because it's integrated well with my Google accounts, lots of people use GFC or actually have a blogger account, and I can attach a domain to it for free. 

But I really, REALLY like Wordpress. The problem is, the .COM Wordpress has tons of limitations and in some cases, ads. That really bugs me. Also, they want to charge me $13 just to MAP my domain, which blogger does for free. Which is dumb. I've considered just making a blogger template that looks like a Wordpress site, but the other reason I like Wordpress is that it is a bit more stable than Blogger. 

Recently, I acquired a new domain name for my Posh business. I want to create a Wordpress blog for it, but I want to use the .ORG rather than the .COM. Do any of you know anything about doing that? I'm totally clueless to the FTP process. I used to do it in middle school, but I had webpage builders and let's be honest... it's changed a bit in the past 20 years lol. Most of the tutorials are about one level higher than my comprehension. I need a basics blog. Maybe, when I figure it out, I'll write my own series! 

Who has experience? Who can help me?!

Do you prefer blogger or wordpress, and why? Have you moved from one to the other?

love, me


  1. I'm on wordpress and really like it. I don't like the limitations that you talked about. I've considered switching to self-hosted, but like you, am a little intimidated. I just don't think I'm tech savvy enough to get the job done. However, Hubby Jack (google Hubby Jack's Blog Attack if you aren't familiar with him) is just starting to delve into the wordpress world and I am super excited. His tutorials and designs for blogger blogs are great and can't wait until he's ready to tackle wordpress for others.

  2. I quite like the look of Wordpress, but I have to admit it scares me. When I checked it out it looked so complicated, so I went with Blogger instead. I know a lot of people say they find Blogger to be unreliable, but I've never had a problem with it.

  3. I use Google blogger for one blog and Weebly for the other. They're both good and free. However, I wouldn't apply for a domain name. Too expensive.
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  4. Just stopping by from the A-Z Challenge list to say "Hi" :)

    I have to say, im a Wordpress fan through and through lol

    Good luck with the rest of the challenge, although, not far to go now ;)

    xx (www.the-view-outside.com)

  5. I have been on Blogger for five years and have never had any trouble at all--after thousands of posts and multiple blogs. The only limitation I don't like is the picasa photo limit for free storage, but I can work with it. I don't really know enough about WordPress, but it seems like Blogger is much more user friendly.