Ipsy Glambag Review: May 2013

Hi friends! 

Have you guys ever heard of those beauty bag/box subscriptions? Birchbox is a popular one, but there's also Ipsy and Glossybox that I've heard of. You pay a subscription fee ($10 for Birchbox and Ipsy, $21 for Glossybox), then they send you some beauty/skincare samples. I decided to sign up for one last month out of curiosity. I was really nervous because it seems like there's never anything appropriate for darker skin tones in these types of things. But... I heard good things about them, and a (black) friend of mine said she loves her subscription, so I bit the bullet and signed up for Ipsy.

Well it came today! I'm excited. Not only is it worth it, but I actually like the stuff in there and (mostly) it's all color-appropriate. 

For $10, I got: 
-full size Zoya nail polish in Jacqueline (.05 Fl. oz., retail $8)
-full size Pacifica rolling perfume in Island Vanilla (.33 oz, retail $12)
-mini Pacifica luminizing body butter in Coconut Crushed Pearl (2 oz tube, retail $7)
-Juice beauty reflecting lip gloss in Fiji (.14 Fl. oz., full size is .28 Fl. oz. and retails at $15)
-yaby concealer in buff. (I think this one is a full size refill - $5)

Well. The concealer I haven't had a chance to use, but I have the feeling that "buff" is not the color for me. I'll try it out tonight... but.. yeah lol. HOWEVER... I have been introduced to yaby! The quality of the concealer is actually very good. It's creamy and a little goes quite a long way. I think I'm going to get one of those empty palettes and fill it up with some colors I CAN use. 

And the "luminizing body butter smells great, but it shimmers just like my Perfectly Posh Pearls for Girls hand creme. I like it, but I LOVE the smell of the Posh. It's almondy. Anyway, I like it but I have something already in that category. I will use it when I run out of the Posh (it's a limited edition)

BUT I really like the rest. Vanilla is not my favorite scent, but I can imagine that at some point I'll feel that it's the appropriate scent for whatever I'm doing. It smells good, and I do like the Pacifica brand. I was worried about the nail polish because white nail polish looks TERRIBLE on my skin tone (or maybe I just hate it), but it isn't white, it's like a very very light beige.. it comes out much creamier and warmer than white, and I really like it! I'm surprised. And.. surprisingly... I also like the lip gloss. It's light and has a little tingle, which is awesome, and the color is fabulous, at least for me. 

The value this month is on point ... about $39 worth of mostly useful stuff AND a cute bag, for just $10. Try out Ipsy in time for the June bag.. I'm already excited :)

I tried the concealer and... as it turns out.. I like it! I feel like it brightens my eye area. I used MAC Skinfinish Natural powder in "Deep" over it and I love it! So, it's an official score for month #1!

love, me


  1. I have seriously wanted to try one of these out!! Yours is a pretty good box for this month!

    1. Oh my gosh Elise, DO IT! I toyed with the idea for a few months and I'm really glad I finally decided to do it.

  2. Thank you for sharing! Now I want to try it too!

    1. You should Melody! I think it was worth it. I hope I feel this way every month, though I think that Ipsy has earned 2-3 mediocre months by the value of this one lol.