I have to start by saying, I am REALLY sorry. Like, really. 

Sorry because this is so late. Sorry because I'm lame and don't have anything better to do with my days. Sorry I get so caught up in this stuff. 

But what. the heck. is up. with. LOST. 

I know. I know. This was, like, almost a decade ago that people even gave half a crap about this show. I never watched it. Not because I was being a TV snob, but because it was at the beginning of the return of the dramatic TV show. At least, I think so. I didn't watch much TV my first few years of college. 

ANYWAY. I thought I'd write a post about it since, apparently, I'm caught in the craze... retroactively.

I don't watch TV shows for these reasons.

1. I get way too caught up and emotionally involved with the characters. Prime example. I'm still mourning the loss of Will, the Fresh Prince, and I'm already dreading life without Barney and the whole MacClaren crew. 

2. I get fed up with the string-along style of writing with twists and turns that keep people invested. I still watch. 

3. I am kind of snooty. 

There are so many stupid people on this show. 


stupid and disobedient.


stupid and hateful.
extremely stupid.
Though.. none of them were stupid enough for me to stop watching. 

Anyway. Were you guys fans of Lost? I appreciate that all the seasons are available on Netflix. I think I heard the series finale (I'm only on season 4) ruins the whole thing. So I guess I have more to be mad about in the future. 

What shows do you watch? Which should be next on my list?

love, me


  1. The guy second to last picture is on a show called Person of Interest on CBS. Very likable character.

    And my current must see tv is Revenge. Only second season but I know first one is out on dvd.

  2. Oh yes, I used to really be into LOST. Especially when they would play the fake commercials that would direct you to weird real but fake websites. I don't think those are part of the actual show though.

    As for current shows, I don't really have any that I am currently watching on regular channels. At the moment my need to watch weekly show is Games of Thrones. Netflix has spoiled me and I hate having to wait a week to see what happens.

  3. Hello! After finding you through the A-Z Blogging Challenge 2013, I have nominated you for a Liebster Award! Please find more information about this at my blog's Reflections post on the A-Z of Blogging Challenge. Congratulations!

  4. I was cracking up at your "stupid cast member" comments. This is why we're friends.