Well I should apologize about my absence, but the Sarge was in town. So, I'm back! I was thinking about what I should write about, as I haven't had much going on other than hanging with the boy. The good news is, care packages will be coming soon so that will be fun to write about, but I don't have much going at this moment. But then I thought...

Right now I am so OBSESSED with NUDE nails. It's almost disgusting... if being awesome could be disgusting.

These are my newest additions::

1. Bubble Bath 2. Mimosas for Mr. and Mrs. 3. Tickle My Francey 4. Pink Glove Service 5. Au Natural 6. Topless and Barefoot

For the record, nudes on dark skin is not equal to nudes on light or fair skin. I figured... it's not easily found online, so here are some popular nudes on my dark(er) complexion.

This is the cast of characters, in opposite order (that is, thumb to pinkie)

I dig most of these, but I have come to the conclusion that Ballet Slippers is NOT good for any skin tone. I like it perhaps for winter, but it is not the kind of nude I am going for. For today, I went with Bubble Bath on my fingers and toes. Here it is, two coats under natural light and inside. It is definitely buildable, but I don't think it would ever be opaque.

My FAVORITE though, at least so far, is Au Natural by Essie. It's on my thumb in the big photo, so you can't see it that well, but here it is up close::

I realize to MOST people, these look exactly the same... but they are not. The one I'm wearing today (Bubble Bath) is pinker and a bit more translucent than Au Natural. Also, the Essie color is closer to my flesh tone (the inside of my hand), so it's less white and more peachy. I'm just saying. There's a difference.

I love nudes because they are classy in my opinion. I just can't put on blue nail polish, I'm not satisfied with the result against my skin tone and style. I like nudes and reds, but I think my style tends to lean toward being understated rather than bold. I have not in the past worn nail polish on my fingers, but I like the polished, manicured look. Neutrals are a good compromise and way less fussy than a French manicure. I'm also picky about color, even nude color. I don't want colors that contrast to much or clash with my skin, so I don't like white or neon colors that much.. I'm basically hard to please. But these colors have really given me a newfound love for the girly art of nail painting. And if you don't believe me.. look at my Pinterest boards. I have one dedicated to my Essie wishlist and nails have just about taken over my "personal care" board lol.

Did you know there is like, a whole world of nail happy people, full of their own jargon and dissension on whether or not there should be a visible nail line under polished nails? Who knew? What's your favorite nail polish?

Also... what are you obsessing over that may or may not be completely rational? Am I the only one who goes through this stuff??

love, me


  1. Another great thing about nude nail polish is that when you chip it off (and I ALWAYS do so within 24 hours), it's less noticeable!

  2. Aleasa, If I only had nails! I'd doll them up too.

    But, I don't.

    Anyway, a have a friend who is obsessed with nail polish. I think she has a trunk of it. LOL. Every week it is something new. Nail polish dipped in water (looks like swirled oil paint) is her latest passion.