Care Package: Football Season

The Sarge is... "obsessed" with football. He's about the only person I know that would receive the gift of "Hooten's" and use it for reading material from the U.S. to Afghanistan. What is Hooten's? Well it's a 400-some-odd paged guide to Arkansas football, covering every high school and college team in the state. Actually, I think Hooten's is a sports show that produces a guide. Anyway. Of course, the crown jewel is the Razorbacks of the University of Arkansas. The guide is amazing and according to the commercials, other states are jealous because they wish they had one.

Even Gracie is an Arkansas fan. 

His care package for September then, had to include football! Of course... I'd already sent the blanket his mom made for him, and it's on his bed now. And I'm pretty sure it's being defiled by a weapon daily but that's fine.

I didn't take a picture of the full box (whoops), but it had a few fun things. 

-- Razorback cup, playing cards, bandages & boxers. And a spirit pom pom. Yes - a pom pom... lol what? 
-- Tailgating snacks: Chips, packaged chicken and buffalo wing sauce (from a friend), Rice Krispy Treats
-- Gatorade
-- A mini football.
-- Scentsy scent circles to um... 'deodorize' his space (all boys)
-- Candy (as usual)
-- Some things he asked for that aren't interesting.. like toothpaste. Actually, that's it. Toothpaste.

He LOVED it! He sent me a precious message about how much he loved it and how he'll be writing letters all night long because he misses home. So cute.

Let's be honest. We're big Arkansas fans around here. I love the fans in Arkansas and I want to be a tailgating mom/wife when we finally do settle down. I don't know if anyone does it quite like Arkansas does! We had the most fun tailgating at War Memorial last year. If you know any Arkansans who happen to be Razorback fans, you know all about the Hog spirit. Well, here is how I'm calling the Hogs everywhere I go. 

If you live in Central Arkansas and need a sweeeeet place to get all your Razorback gear, go to your local Hogman's Game Day Super Store! It's my favorite :)

And, at the time of this post, Arkansas is sitting at 500, but that's okay with me. Never yield! Go Coach B! 

My favorite season has officially become Fall because.. FOOTBALL!  What do you love about Fall?

love, me


Five on Friday

Today I am going to link up with Five on Friday. I thought a link up may encourage me to blog more regularly. And Mama M from Five Crooked Halos retired five question friday while I was on my blogging hiatus! Oh my goodness. I thought I would die when I saw that. But fortunately Elise, my blogging BFF, has been linking up with this one. So here it goes :) 


1. This post has made me so happy. It's 40 thoughts for a guy turning 40. But these thoughts.. they are for everyone. Well, naturally, some of them don't apply to me but I could certainly take something from all of them. It is an amazing post. I love the Ragamuffin Soul blog, by the way. You should follow Carlos Whittaker. He has some great thoughts. 

2. I'm obsessed with my new decor! I FINALLY put something on my walls, only after being here for eight months and I couldn't be happier. I will have a post about these, too, so I'm sorry in advance for that. But, woohoo!! And yes.. that is a frame around my thermostat! There's glitter cardstock behind it too. My friend Jessica did this a while ago and I've been thinking about doing it forever. So here it is! Also, the 'W' wall is NOT complete, at the biggest W is not painted. I haven't decided what I want it to look like just yet.

3. My sister in law is coming to visit next Tuesday and I'm pretty excited! We won't be doing a lot of running around but she needs the peace and quiet so I'm pretty glad to have her. She is SO sweet and I can't wait for girl time :)  

4. Gracie and I had an adventure on Thursday. To make a long story short, our property management company is ridiculous and didn't fix a bunch of stuff we mentioned on our move in checklist. One of these items was open vents on the back of our house. Well, squirrels moved in (big DUH) about 2 days ago and I have been Chevy Chase-ing them a la Funny Farm ever since. Well, one was hanging out on the screen door by where Gracie loves to law and look out the window. I let her outside twice, once to chase it down from the door and a second time to get him and his friend off our back porch. She enjoyed but... I enjoyed it a lot less. I mean.. we have squirrels living in our roof. Ugh. 

5. My husband rocks. This week, he had to buy himself some new headphones at a bazaar they have every week. He's been talking about them for a while, so I'm glad he got them. But he's just so cute... He was telling me all about them in the way that husbands do, and he mentioned that there were some pink ones that he wanted me to have. It just cracked me up. I am so blessed, having a guy who thinks about me even when he's shopping for man toys. So precious. Check out this hottie. Gah! 

Have a happy weekend my friends!

love, me


I Will Wait.

This song is beautiful. 

Listen, and carry on.

love, me


Girly Things

I am pretty sure it's clear how much I love nail polish. I've been obsessed with nude nails for at least the past two or three months.

But before I get onto the polish overload, I want to prove that more than just my nails get attention. I love lipstick! I was never a lipstick person, mostly gloss, until I found the Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick. My mom is famous for her red lipstick and as much as I love it on her, I never thought I could pull it off myself. I needed a matte but creamy lipstick with staying power if I was ever going to try it. Enter UD Anarchy in my August Ipsy bag. If you're unfamiliar, Ipsy provides deluxe samples each month for a $10 subscription. It is hit or miss mostly, but for a hit like this lipstick I am willing to endure the blah months. Anyways, I put this one while Face Timing with my McDreamy and his jaw dropped when I put it on. I was repelled by the bright Barbie-style pink but I ended up really liking it, and LOVING the formula. It is creamy. It is matte. It is hydrating (as much as a lipstick can be--when I take it off, I don't feel like I'm scrubbing rubber). And the pigment is fantastic. Unbeatable. So, Anarchy. The Sarge likes it. That's a win.

But, who can stop there?? I went on to buy a full size Anarchy and hoped to find a good red, not too orange but not too dark/blue. And then there was F Bomb. And Shame, a dark berry-brown that is really perfect for FALL! Sorry the pictures aren't better... But you get the point. I think I've bought all the lipstick I need for the next year.

The jewel of this post, though, is Butter London's The 444. The neutral color I have on is Yummy Mummy, which is a shimmery taupe color that works well on my skin tone. I'm inclined to think that it would look good on any skin tone, warm or cool. But the shimmer is The 444... I wish I could capture the shine in my cheap cell phone/iPad pictures. It's such a brilliant silvery almost champagne shimmer. I really love it, and can't wait to do my whole manicure in it for New Year's or something equally festive. In the photo below I have two coats and I would call that full coverage (we know how hard that is for a shimmer). It's like a disco ball for your fingers!


Here are a few different angles/lighting: 

And here it is in the sunshine. Well, natural light... it was overcast. And this is just one coat. 

I was able to remove it in one swipe using the nail polish removal trick found at gingerbreadmanne. Thank you Pinterest! The piece of the cotton ball in the picture was ONE swipe and my nail was clean. If you hate removing nail polish, try it this way. Seriously.

 Anyways, compare it to BL's Fairy Cake -- the lighting is a little different but you get the idea. The glitter is a bit bigger and much more brilliant than the silvery fine shimmer of Fairy Cake.

What do you think? Do you like glitter in your nail polish or do you avoid it all together? Would you rock The 444 as a full manicure? I personally love it, even though I was sure I left glitter nail polish in 1998 with the Backstreet Boys and Tamagotchis. I guess it's true... some girls are just born with glitter in their veins :)

Take a few minutes and give yourself some love -- pamper your hard working hands! Who cares if it will all chip off tomorrow at work. You deserve it!

love, me


Blogger Woes

I realize that everyone reading this blog is confused because the comments aren't working. I know that ruins your entire day. I'm implementing a new widget: disqus. But.. it's not cooperating. And importing my old comments to it has hidden them all! So.. sorry about that. Please know that I am working on it! 

Update 17:36 I may just have to stop for the day. Yes... alllll day I have been working on this. G+ comments should be working until then... you know.. in case you've been dying to say something :)

Posh @ Play

I'm sure you guys have all figured this out by now, but I'm an independent consultant for a company called Perfectly Posh. (If you haven't heard -- check us out!)

Twice a year, two of the founders make their way around the country to hang out with the consultants and anyone interested in joining. Our company is still so young that the event was only around 50 people from the southeastern U.S. It's such a cool time to be a part of a business. We have less than 5000 consultants, and probably less than that are active. Plus, I've been with Posh since before the first "push" to 1000 consultants... watching the company grow has been amazing. It's been a year since my last event (which was the first convention) and it's always so refreshing to be around people who love Posh like I do. So seeing Ann and Andrew and my Posh sisters was a load of fun.

I even sang happy birthday :)

My friend Anna came with me. She drove from North Carolina just to hang out with me ... is that not the sweetest friend? We were neighbors when the Sarge and I were still at Camp Pendleton. She has three of Gracie's puppies: Moscato, Saison, and Lola. My allergies were kind of being lame, so we hung out in the house, ate junk food like it was going out of style (my stomach did not appreciate that, for the record!), and watched the entire first season of Orange is the New Black. Judge all you want.

Sorry I have awful picture taking skills.

 It was a really great weekend.

I have been struggling a lot because really the only people I know are my neighbors. I found a fantastic church, but most of the members are much (much) older than I am. In fact...I'm pretty sure that all of the members who attend anything other than Sunday morning service are grandparents. Of adults.

Anyway, it was really nice to have a friend here, my age, to hang around for a while. I forget how nice it can be, even for an introvert like me.

I hope everyone is doing well out there in the blogosphere. My next post will be about J's last care package... but I have to wait until he gets it to post pictures. He's on to me!

love, me


The 'Stan

The Army Wife Housewife made a brilliant care package that I completely ripped off that inspired me. I present... the welcome to "Fabulous Afghanistan"! It was actually 3 boxes, and NO I did not decorate them all. Partly because I was under time constraints and partly because I'm lazy.

You may notice I basically jacked her idea for one flap completely. Yeah, well. She's brilliant :) 

I realize this post is at least a month late, and even now I am about to send off the next one... but I finally felt ready to write. I've been in Arkansas for the past month, with some time in Dallas, seeing my sweet hubby off to the sandbox, or "the Stan" as he calls it. Gracie was not particularly excited about packing or leaving... but she was happy to see her daddy.

I've been thinking a lot about this blog, what I want to write about (if I want to have something specific), whether I wanted to keep it online, etc. First of all, yes, I'll keep it online. (Hold your applause.) Second, no, I haven't made any real decisions. But for the record, I want to write bible studies so.. that may be something that you'll be seeing around here eventually. 

Y'all it is hard to write about daily life! (Especially when it's relatively boring around here!) I wish I was brilliantly funny, or crafty, or particularly gifted in something I could write about. But alas, I'm just a regular housewife. What is interesting about that? Maybe that is what's unique.. I'm average in a world where people are using Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook to prove how un-average they are. That's what I've been chewing on. 

Anyways, happy days to you all. I'll be back soon with September's care package! 

love, me