Care Package: Football Season

The Sarge is... "obsessed" with football. He's about the only person I know that would receive the gift of "Hooten's" and use it for reading material from the U.S. to Afghanistan. What is Hooten's? Well it's a 400-some-odd paged guide to Arkansas football, covering every high school and college team in the state. Actually, I think Hooten's is a sports show that produces a guide. Anyway. Of course, the crown jewel is the Razorbacks of the University of Arkansas. The guide is amazing and according to the commercials, other states are jealous because they wish they had one.

Even Gracie is an Arkansas fan. 

His care package for September then, had to include football! Of course... I'd already sent the blanket his mom made for him, and it's on his bed now. And I'm pretty sure it's being defiled by a weapon daily but that's fine.

I didn't take a picture of the full box (whoops), but it had a few fun things. 

-- Razorback cup, playing cards, bandages & boxers. And a spirit pom pom. Yes - a pom pom... lol what? 
-- Tailgating snacks: Chips, packaged chicken and buffalo wing sauce (from a friend), Rice Krispy Treats
-- Gatorade
-- A mini football.
-- Scentsy scent circles to um... 'deodorize' his space (all boys)
-- Candy (as usual)
-- Some things he asked for that aren't interesting.. like toothpaste. Actually, that's it. Toothpaste.

He LOVED it! He sent me a precious message about how much he loved it and how he'll be writing letters all night long because he misses home. So cute.

Let's be honest. We're big Arkansas fans around here. I love the fans in Arkansas and I want to be a tailgating mom/wife when we finally do settle down. I don't know if anyone does it quite like Arkansas does! We had the most fun tailgating at War Memorial last year. If you know any Arkansans who happen to be Razorback fans, you know all about the Hog spirit. Well, here is how I'm calling the Hogs everywhere I go. 

If you live in Central Arkansas and need a sweeeeet place to get all your Razorback gear, go to your local Hogman's Game Day Super Store! It's my favorite :)

And, at the time of this post, Arkansas is sitting at 500, but that's okay with me. Never yield! Go Coach B! 

My favorite season has officially become Fall because.. FOOTBALL!  What do you love about Fall?

love, me


  1. You are the cutest and most thoughtful wife ever! Love reading your blog ;)

  2. Yeah, we got a new car in August! The little Honda was just not quite built for us lol.

  3. That's awesome! I'm married to an Arkie. We have not been in an appropriate place to actually hear him call the Hawgs, but I do know how it sounds.

    Fall to me means HOCKEY!!!