Five on Friday

Today I am going to link up with Five on Friday. I thought a link up may encourage me to blog more regularly. And Mama M from Five Crooked Halos retired five question friday while I was on my blogging hiatus! Oh my goodness. I thought I would die when I saw that. But fortunately Elise, my blogging BFF, has been linking up with this one. So here it goes :) 


1. This post has made me so happy. It's 40 thoughts for a guy turning 40. But these thoughts.. they are for everyone. Well, naturally, some of them don't apply to me but I could certainly take something from all of them. It is an amazing post. I love the Ragamuffin Soul blog, by the way. You should follow Carlos Whittaker. He has some great thoughts. 

2. I'm obsessed with my new decor! I FINALLY put something on my walls, only after being here for eight months and I couldn't be happier. I will have a post about these, too, so I'm sorry in advance for that. But, woohoo!! And yes.. that is a frame around my thermostat! There's glitter cardstock behind it too. My friend Jessica did this a while ago and I've been thinking about doing it forever. So here it is! Also, the 'W' wall is NOT complete, at the biggest W is not painted. I haven't decided what I want it to look like just yet.

3. My sister in law is coming to visit next Tuesday and I'm pretty excited! We won't be doing a lot of running around but she needs the peace and quiet so I'm pretty glad to have her. She is SO sweet and I can't wait for girl time :)  

4. Gracie and I had an adventure on Thursday. To make a long story short, our property management company is ridiculous and didn't fix a bunch of stuff we mentioned on our move in checklist. One of these items was open vents on the back of our house. Well, squirrels moved in (big DUH) about 2 days ago and I have been Chevy Chase-ing them a la Funny Farm ever since. Well, one was hanging out on the screen door by where Gracie loves to law and look out the window. I let her outside twice, once to chase it down from the door and a second time to get him and his friend off our back porch. She enjoyed but... I enjoyed it a lot less. I mean.. we have squirrels living in our roof. Ugh. 

5. My husband rocks. This week, he had to buy himself some new headphones at a bazaar they have every week. He's been talking about them for a while, so I'm glad he got them. But he's just so cute... He was telling me all about them in the way that husbands do, and he mentioned that there were some pink ones that he wanted me to have. It just cracked me up. I am so blessed, having a guy who thinks about me even when he's shopping for man toys. So precious. Check out this hottie. Gah! 

Have a happy weekend my friends!

love, me

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  1. Yay for 5 for Friday! I could not link up this week because my internet has been out since Friday and it just got fixed! But I love the cross wall and the w wall! And squirrels living in your roof is one of the most annoying things ever.