The 'Stan

The Army Wife Housewife made a brilliant care package that I completely ripped off that inspired me. I present... the welcome to "Fabulous Afghanistan"! It was actually 3 boxes, and NO I did not decorate them all. Partly because I was under time constraints and partly because I'm lazy.

You may notice I basically jacked her idea for one flap completely. Yeah, well. She's brilliant :) 

I realize this post is at least a month late, and even now I am about to send off the next one... but I finally felt ready to write. I've been in Arkansas for the past month, with some time in Dallas, seeing my sweet hubby off to the sandbox, or "the Stan" as he calls it. Gracie was not particularly excited about packing or leaving... but she was happy to see her daddy.

I've been thinking a lot about this blog, what I want to write about (if I want to have something specific), whether I wanted to keep it online, etc. First of all, yes, I'll keep it online. (Hold your applause.) Second, no, I haven't made any real decisions. But for the record, I want to write bible studies so.. that may be something that you'll be seeing around here eventually. 

Y'all it is hard to write about daily life! (Especially when it's relatively boring around here!) I wish I was brilliantly funny, or crafty, or particularly gifted in something I could write about. But alas, I'm just a regular housewife. What is interesting about that? Maybe that is what's unique.. I'm average in a world where people are using Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook to prove how un-average they are. That's what I've been chewing on. 

Anyways, happy days to you all. I'll be back soon with September's care package! 

love, me

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