Festival of Bacon

I think bacon is amazing. Apparently, A LOT of people think bacon is amazing. And most of them live in Orlando. My sister in law is in town from Arkansas, and we attended a bacon festival on Saturday. It was the first around here it seems, and half of Orlando was there! (At least, the half that wasn't at the Gay Pride Parade... Seriously... Downtown was SO congested.) But the glorious truth is that there are many, many forms of the salty delicious goodness and we had the bacon bucks to try whichever ones we wanted!

There was bacon ice cream, candied bacon, about a hundred varieties of BLT, bacon baklava, bacon tacos and of course, pieces of bacon for everyone. 

Now, the true story is I really didn't eat that much bacon. I never really do. But that doesn't mean I don't savor it! I only ate (most of) a hamburger (featuring bacon jam, bacon mayo, and chunks of bacon cooked into the meat -- yum) and half a hot dog. I would have had some candied bacon, but my sister in law got sick (and by sick I mean she samples a spice rub blend containing GHOST CHILI) and we really had to make our exit a bit early. 

Overall, it was a good time. I thought the festival was overpriced, as most vendors didn't have samples out (except of ghost chili apparently), many of them sold out three and four hours before the event was over, and though our ticket allowed us $10 in bacon bucks, most everything was priced around $4. A water and a food item would set you back six bacon bucks... not a lot of room for sampling. And forget a beer! I tried the Redd's Apple Ale because I've been curious about it. It was okay, but it was $5... which... yeah. 

And, I guess I was a little bitter about leaving early because for dinner I made a quiche with -- you guessed it -- bacon! But it totally had spinach in it too, so that canceled out the bacon... right? 

I hope your weekend was as fun as mine. And as bacon filled (although I doubt that!). Because every weekend should be filled with bacon.

Happy Monday my friends!

love, me

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  1. I always feel that way about festivals- I went to a food truck festival recently and while I enjoyed it, it was expensive, there were tons of people, and there wasn't anything there that was super amazing.

    But what a bummer on sampling ghost chili!! Yikes!!