Five on Friday

Hi friends! 

It has been a super week so far. I'm feeling a lot better since I've been blogging actually. I don't think that is the change, but it marks a change. For at least the past five years, the fall has been the hardest time of year for me. And here, in the midst of a deployment, a government shut down, and a few other not-so-positive things going down in the past month, I am actually in a good mood that has lasted longer than a few hours.

It's amazing.

And here are my random five things from the week. Go link up with The Good Life Blog and join the party :)

I am not going to talk about the government shut down (at length). I'm upset at how it affect military families and vets specifically, people who are willing to risk life and limb to protect these government processes. It makes me ashamed. It makes me sad. But, I am so glad that my hope is not in Washington D.C. The Lord is my provider! He may have been using the government to provide for a while, and he probably will continue to do that for a while.. but Barack Hussein and his band of merry thieves do not take care of me and the Sarge. Perspective. I love this country, but I'm also thankful that it is not my home. This little dance is embarrassing.

On a related note, have you heard of the Skimm? I read about it last week on this link up. The Skimmers basically read up on the important news of the day and summarize it for me each morning. Which is about ALL I need. I don't want to seem ignorant, but I could really do without the news, especially the world news. So, I'm avoiding it for the most part. After all, all it does is depress me and why be depressed about things that aren't about the kingdom? But, it's nice to have a little note about the big news. They read. You skimm. And that's good enough for me.

My sister in law is in town! But.... we don't know what our finances look like so we're staying at home and abusing Netflix. I realize that it probably seems like this is all that I do with my time. But it isn't... I promise........... Okay, it is. Don't look at me with those judging eyes! I'm planning to take her to Cocoa Beach, we're going to a bacon festival Saturday and she will be coming to all my fun Posh events coming up (see #4).

I might be a complete loser right now, but not for long! My calendar is filling UP. Fall is a great season to be in business for yourself. Most of my weekends are already filled, and as I do these events I hope to book up some parties as well. I like the Fall for lots of reasons, but I really, really love making money sharing our natural pampering products to people who have never heard of Perfectly Posh. If you want to learn more, corporate is sending out catalogs and samples of our consultant-exclusive Ritual face mask. But they only have so many samples so hurry if you want to learn more about us. Click here to claim yours!

I was so honored and humbled this week. You know how I said I wouldn't talk about the shutdown? Well, that was not the case earlier this week. I commented on a friend's post saying something about how the government needs to get their "shot" together. Yes, I meant the other word. Right after I said, "Shot! My phone is keeping me in line. Silly phone." My friend responded, "Aleasa... I can't believe you even TRIED to type a curse word." I know it seems silly, but I always say that if anyone remembers anything about me, I want them to remember Jesus in me. And in a way.. that's what it was. I smiled that day. This is not to say that I have attained this (and I certainly wouldn't deserve it), but I think it means that in spite of my imperfections, someone notices something different. If anyone notices anything different about me, it's Jesus. And if you don't yet... I'm always tryin' :)

love, me


  1. Hi! Just read your five and glad I did! I got the divvy on The Skimm which I want to check out and I love the last saying about living life! My husband likes to say live blamelessly and it doesn't matter what they say...it is between you and the Lord!

  2. Oh friend. What a good reminder in #1. This country is NOT my home, and the Lord is my reminder. Good stuff, girl.

    On a lighter note, a bacon festival?? Please, oh please, instagram or tweet some pics of that!

  3. The Skimm is awesome. Yes, living above reproach is Biblical, but I think it gets lost in our postmodern version of Christianity. It's not because you have the ability to be perfect and holy, it's because you're supposed to hate your inability not to. Fight the flesh, daily. :) Thanks for stopping by!