FIVE on Friday!

Woohoo! This is three in a row. Y'all, I just might ACTUALLY be back! I've been feeling inspired, since I have a lot of quiet time to think about things (read: I'm bored and filling up my time with anything I can think of, not the least of which is documenting each and every day lol).

This week, I thought I would try a themed Five on Friday list. So I present to you ... my five favorite Facebook shares from this week! There were so many. I typically don't click FB links, but this week it seems like people were just suddenly relevant. Must be something in the water :) 

Head over to The Good Life Blog and link up (once its available) and join the party!


Couple Celebrates 80th Wedding Anniversary, Shares Secrets to Lasting Marriage 
at ABC News
Because I love old people (that aren't belligerent). 


Why You Might Be Attending Too Many Bible Studies
at Called Out
Two college classmates of mine write at youarecalled.org. I love pretty much all of their posts, but Matt shared this one a few days ago and it puts my sentiment into words. Really, I feel like we have too many programs at our churches in general, a problem to Tozer pointed out probably 70 years ago. But that kind of goes beyond the scope of the article. Anyways, check them out for a fresh perspective on faith in action. 


My STYLE!!! 
Okay. I didn't get this from Facebook. But Pinterest is social media and hey, I do what I want. Anyways, do you LOVE this ensemble or what?! I'm obsessed with it. I keep going back and looking at it... So it qualifies as a favorite share. 

I have given up on the Pinterest system of sharing pins, so this picture is from the source, Fun & Fashion Hub.

Okay but seriously I love everything but the clutch. Replace it with a Tory Burch clutch and I dieeee! (I even said that on Pinterest so it's totally true). Or a beloved Modalu. If I could just build this ONE outfit for the season, I would be a happy girl (obviously, I don't shop much!).


this is to you, the military wife 
at ashleigh baker
Don't worry, I cried all the way through this -- even at the parts about children because I know those families. She hit it on the head. I have no idea if she is from a military background, but she hit the nail on the head. If you want to know what it's like, THIS is it.


Willie and Phil Robertson talk about bleeps and praying in Jesus' name 
at Spectrum Sports Magazine.
This is SUCH a great video. There was an article with it, but I have since lost the link. I love the Robertson family because I think they are doing exactly what Christians should do -- participate in the world and reach people by their lives, not by standing on some soapbox preaching to people who have shut them out. People love them, they love them because they're different, and many people, as Phil says in the video, are starting to ask what the difference is.

It is SUCH a good video, I think it shows their heart on the matter. If you have six minutes to spare, watch it. I hope that God continues to use them and their sweet girl Sadie with her and her friends' YouTube Bible studies


at Christianity today.
I came across this article today, and I had to share it, even though many ("many") people have already come by my post. I really liked reading this perspective. I have always wrestled with the idea of homeschooling in general (even though I think there are some cases in which it really is necessary). But at the same time, I'm guilty of wanting to work in a Christian rather than public school. And, with recent "advancements" in public schools, I have come to sympathize more with why parents don't want their children in public schools. A professor of mine challenged our Ministry class to think outside of our bubble to minister to those who need it -- to be a part of the world around us and interact positively (and carefully) with culture.
Where do you fall in Neibuhr's spectrum concerning Christ and culture? (You're welcome for the free seminary class.) Could you use some challenging? I could. And this article nudged me yet again. The fact is, this is something that we have to consider individually: what is God calling US to? For some, that's isolation from culture. And that's great. But I think Christ commissioned us to go into the world and reach people for him. And isn't he our model? 

Yes, Facebook was exciting this week. Have you read or seen anything this week that stuck with you? Are you a Facebook link clicker or avoid-er?

love, me


  1. Hahahaha, I was hoooked on this post when you said old people who aren't belligerent. Enjoyed reading this and can't wait to check out a few of those links!

  2. it's funny because i'm going to be a belligerent old person! thanks for stopping by. i hope you find the links as fun (and insightful) as i did!

  3. I love old people too. They are just so adorable!!
    And I am loving that entire outfit that you posted...I'm all about the leopard girl!
    I love The Robertson family and what kind of example their showing to the world. They're just the best.

  4. Visiting from the 5 on Friday linkup! I am checking out the "Called Out" website you posted. Also, I've gotta share that I work in an elementary school, and one of our Spirit Days this week was "Duck Dynasty Day!" The kids came in dressed as people from the show... awesome. :)

  5. And my blog! http://runningmomentum.wordpress.com/2013/10/11/five-on-friday-7/ ‎