Five on Friday!

Man, I have just had a lot to talk about. I don't know what has been up with me. I'm not complaining... I'm just saying I've been a Chatty Cathy!


(Why is this one first?)

This story, Davion Only asking "someone, anyone" to adopt him at a church in Florida... I called about him the night I heard -- Tuesday. I think that's when the original article was published. I had NO idea that this story was going/had gone viral. I'm sure they'll never call me back now, even though I'm just one county over. But if you haven't heard about it, I'm surprised. His story has been ALL over my newsfeed. For me, it was a snap to reality. I keep talking about the right timing for adoption. And it makes sense to be smart and clearly, everyone's situation is different  (like, how dumb would it be for me to try to start the adoption process while The Sarge is deployed, right?). But SO many people shared this, offering their prayers... shaking their heads. But what about action? Not just for him, but in our communities? How did he get to the CHURCH and still has no place to call home (I don't know if there's an update yet). 

Faith is awesome but if it never translates to action, it's dead. I realize not everyone is called to adopt, but it's constantly stated and re-stated in the Bible that we are to take care of widows and orphans. Why do we ignore it? Why do we pick thousands of dollars in fertility treatments over caring for our orphans? I realize this will not make me popular in the blogging world, but it is the truth. Why is adoption considered such a second rate backup plan to having ones own children? Why do we always leave it for a "later" in life option -- after we've had our "own" families? Why is it that I always get a look of condolence when I say we want to adopt? Davion is not the only boy who needs a home. Hundreds, if not THOUSANDS of kids in YOUR state and MY state are released from foster care at 18, never having called one place home. How does the south have a church on every corner and this is STILL happening? Maybe Davion is the wake up call we all needed. He's the wake up call I needed. 

Whew that took a heck of a turn. Sorry about that. If I haven't offended every person reading.. let's move on.

PS -- As if to restore my faith in the church and humanity, Kelly's Korner's Show Us Your Life link up tomorrow is about adoption. Lord, I need that.


Maybe the BEST part of my week right here. (Maybe.) If y'all have xm and you're an 80 baby like me, you need the 90s channel in your life. Talk about middle school!


Oh, yeah. Yay for the government acting like adults instead of pre-pubescent girls, right? Yeah.


It's festival season and I'm busy busy busy! I LOVE festival season!! So, I realize it's been festival season for at least six weeks, but I was silent in September and I just got my calendar all booked up. Better late than never. I'm still trying to find new people to pamper... comment or email me if you want to try some of our pure pampering. I'm sending out samples this weekend!


Look what I've been doing! I decided to officially take up calligraphy. I'm not that good yet, but eventually I would like to hand letter menus, programs, envelopes and artwork for people. Maybe not anytime soon... but eventually. I just bought my first set of nibs on Wednesday, so give me some time!

What's something random from this week that stands out for you?

love, me


  1. I LOVE your #1. Adoption and fostering kids is something that has been pressed on my heart by the Lord, and I so agree with you! And that is so neat that you're taking up calligraphy!

  2. Davion's story came across my news feed as well! But I normally don't read headlines that come across my FB feed- you never know what you are going to come across. I'm with you in "faith without works is dead"- where does it reference taking care of orphans in scripture? I'd love to know! Also, I think your calligraphy looks pretty awesome!

  3. hey beautiful! just started following along thanks to the linkup. yay! honored to be a new follower.

    love hearing your heart on adoption. wow! convicting questions. love reading your words!! all the glory to God, girl!

    and eeee! calligraphy! my hubs has been encouraging me to pick it up as a hobby. just haven't done it yet. you're inspiring me to get on that!!!

    happy friday!

  4. I think a lot of people leave adoption as a last option because it's not as easy as one might think. I've looked into it and it can be pretty hard to get approval. I guess it's easier to take a gamble on fertility treatments instead of finding a child you want to adopt, starting the process, spending money and then end up denied. However, I do think that more should at least give it a try.

    My husband was a foster child and I often wonder how different he might have turned out if a loving family had cared enough to adopt him?

  5. I just found your blog and I'm already in love with it :) Excited to follow along!!

    Hope you have a GREAT weekend!
    Miranda : www.ournestingplace.com

  6. Thanks for stopping by :) [and sharing your link!]

  7. I agree that it isn't necessarily easy, which is frustrating, but there are a lot of ways to do it (and the help of an adoption lawyer never hurts). BUT fertility treatments are no easier (financially or emotionally). And, I'm talking to Christians now, since when has ease of process ever been a prerequisite? It's also hard to give ten percent of our income when we're making JUST enough to cover our bills, but we encourage that, too. It's hard to work on the mission field, trying to work through the local governments who hate Christians and deciding when it's appropriate to break the law for the cause of Christ. But people do it, no matter what it may cost them, emotionally or otherwise. It is not about US, it's about the Kingdom. It's about caring for what and who God cares for. For some that is just giving time/money, but for some it means fighting in the trenches for the cause of those who cannot fight for themselves.

    I really appreciate your comment! I was not trying to be too harsh, but as you can see it's something I'm really passionate about. For the record, I think you're right. I also think that a lot of people write off kids like Davion because they don't know what kind of "problems" they might have. But that's a WHOLE other rant LOL! Please share your link if you have one! I'd love to read more from you :)

  8. Thanks for coming by! You should totally take it up -- I think I paid $20 for everything just to start out, and there's a ton of free resources online. But I will warn you... it is not just pretty handwriting (I didn't know). As you can see, I wrote 'a' after 'a' trying to understand the strokes. But I love it. It's theraputic. I've so far spent an hour every day practicing!

  9. Hi! Thank you for coming by, and thanks for your (too) kind words about my newest hobby lol. I think I'm going to make a post about adoption soon as I've decided to do a little study. But two things come to mind immediately. Jas 1:27 of course, and reading through Deuteronomy you can see God's heart for the widowed and fatherless. And if it's important to God, it is important to me. But I think my biggest motivator is that God cared for us -- while we were lonely, afflicted, drug addicted, behaviorally inept, ugly, mean, hard-headed, selfish, disobedient, and possessed -- and adopted us into his family JUST because of love. And aren't we to immulate HIS holiness? Aren't we motivated to forgive as he forgave, love as he loved, seek justice and love mercy as he does? This is why I concede that it may not be fore everyone, but if God is father to the fatherless (ps 68:5) and we are his hands and feet then.......???

  10. I thought that it would be kind of a touchy thing, especially after I mentioned the fertility thing, but I don't think I made too many people mad. Or they didn't stick around to tell me about it. :) Gah Elise, I'm going to be in Atlanta in February. We should have a girls night in with some TV show and lots of junk food.

  11. I think Davion was a very brave boy for doing that, wanting to find a family and have a normal life. I hope he finds a great family!