Future Me

Have you ever written a letter to your future self? I have. I wrote a letter to my 25-year-old self when I was 15. I don't remember everything it said -- it's been lost in one of about a hundred moves -- but I remember how cool it was to remember what 15-year-old me was like. What she cared about, how she wrote, what she thought would be important in the future. I didn't really need to do that, since I wrote in journals almost every day from the time I was 12 until my first year of college. In a way, those kinds of letters are really necessary anymore, especially here in the blogosphere. We document the things that are important to us everyday: here, on Facebook,on twitter, on Instagram and our iPhones (I don't have an iPhone). But, there's something still so personal about thinking about yourself a few years from now and writing to her (or him). I think we all need some time of personal reflection

A college acquaintance of mine recently posted his letter to himself on Facebook. He used a website that would email him in a year called FutureMe. I think that is so COOL! I'm going to write myself a letter pretty soon, too. I love personal reflection. I love seeing what the Lord has done over the years (or reminding myself who has taken care of me in those rough patches). 

How do you reflect on your day, year, or even life? What's your favorite way to keep in touch with the person you are or want to become?


  1. What a cool site!
    I wonder if my daughter would want to email herself? I'm sure in 10 years she'll look back and think about what a nutcase she was (is). Heehee

  2. I think it would be cool to get a kid to do one every two years or something once they turn five or so.. to their 21 year old self. What a great gift, that they may be able to appreciate by then! Haha!