Milk & Cookies Care Package

There are few things my precious Sarge loves more than milk and cookies. Very, very few. Today he received my latest care package -- milk and cookies! I saw a pin on Pinterest, but there was no link attached to the photo. It was just those milk cartons that you buy near the dry milk and cookies. An entire care package. What a stinkin' great  idea!

Those milk cartons aren't cheap at seven bucks (or more) per six pack. It's organic, I suppose, but I think it has something to do with that ultrahigh temperature (UHT) processing myself. People go back and forth over the UHT processing, which kills bacteria, caramelizes some of the milk sugars (making it slightly sweeter than regular milk) and stabilizes the milk for a longer shelf life. It weirds me out, but milk weirds me out so whatever. Anyways, he's in Afghanistan and he'll only get 12 boxes of the stuff so who cares. Everyone gets so uptight these days. 

But I digress. 

The other thing I had to look up was how to ship cookies. I chose to make oatmeal and chocolate chip cookies. Can we just pause so I can tell you how much I love baking cookies? I'm not a great baker -- mine hardly ever come out the same -- but I love the mixing, and the scooping... and the warm cookies that come out of the oven. And now I'm hungry again.

Sending chocolate chip was taking a risk because we never know what temperatures they'll pass through on the journey to the 'Stan. I sent them anyway. Afghanistan is getting cooler this time of year and I used mini chocolate chips so it wouldn't make too much of a mess. Tos send cookies, you want to pack them snugly and wrap up 3- or 4-cookie bundles so they won't break/stick together/crumble by rubbing up against each other too much. I tucked them in a plastic storage container upright (like oreos) to keep them from moving around. Then I stuffed the box with plastic bags so the container wouldn't move around. 

I know you'll notice it isn't decorated. Well the truth is, I forgot to take a decorated picture of the box anyway. But even if I had, Seargant J never would have seen the decoration because a certain Gracie got to the (taped and sealed) box while we were out. I honestly underestimated my dogs chewing/destruction ability. Never again. 

Like I said, The Sarge got the box today. I asked him if the cookies stayed fresh (it took about a week) and his response? 

Yes. Write home about it. Best ever wife, right here LOL. 

What other edibles have you sent or heard of someone sending? I need some more ideas!

love, me


  1. I am going to do this for my boy. You're a fantastic wife!

  2. This is so sweet! And you've really got my mouth watering with those cookies.. I think I'm going to need to bake some ASAP!