Tiger Tunes

I thought about making this a rare Saturday post, but decided to wait for the outcome. And then life happened, so I didn't end up posting until today, Tuesday. Eh, whatever. 

In college, there was a thing called Tiger Tunes. Clubs around campus would get together, eight to ten of them, and create a six (now seven) minute show around a theme, using parodies of popular songs. It is a program put on by our student foundation. Ticket sales from all four shows are put toward scholarships and as such, many of the students performing in Tiger Tunes have Tiger Tunes to thank foe being Ouachita students in the first place.  My first semester at Ouachita, one thing stood between me and mostly every student in the audience: I had never heard of, much less been to a show like Tiger Tunes. The clubs and hosts perform and their friends and club-mates scream and cheer for them in a manner than appalled the competitive speech and drama nerd in me. I've always been one of those who sneers at people who make the smallest peep in class -- even clearing their throats LOL! I can't help it, I was raised in church and in church, you just didn't make noise. I passed notes to my mom, never talking. It was unheard of to me that people would go to a fine arts performance and CHEER?! No. No, sir. 

Needless to say, Tiger Tunes kind of turned me off. There were a lot of other factors at play, but back in 2002, I could not understand or appreciate this event. 

Let's fast forward five years. I have since left Ouachita and returned after some time in the "wilderness" as a prodigal child. I have a new perspective and am determined to make Ouachita fun, like I've seen so many people doing. Last time, I was stuck in a rut; this time, I'm going to try not to be so bitter about everything. I decided to pledge a social club (sorority) on campus and I join a then-eighty-two year tradition: I became an EEE. Well, what they DIDN'T tell me was that I had to be a part of Tiger Tunes. I was also selected to be a Lil' Sis for a men's club, and guess what? Yes. Tiger Tunes.

I dreaded it, that's the true story. I was not looking forward to the month of practice, to performing to a crowd that dared to yell and scream over my over-practiced and tired voice, or to seeing my schoolwork suffer as we did run after run of a show and even pulled an all-nighter. And I had TWO in front of me.

But about half-way through that month, I discovered something. 



I loved the hard work, and the alumni out in the audience cheering when they see our twenty-years' strong signature moves. 

I loved performing. 

I loved spending time with my sistEEErs and the sweet boys who had become some of my best and long lasting friends. 

I loved that the whole campus, even the teachers, got excited about Tunes. 

I loved becoming a small time celebrity (OK, that's an exaggeration -- I had a solo in the Kappa show and people said, "hey that's the girl with the afro  -- hey girl, you can sing." (Which, don't worry, was not an uncommon compliment to performers lol.. but I still liked it!)

I loved the club rivalry at that time of year.. so much petty drama that makes my heart smile LOL! 

I just loved it all. 

I still love it, probably forever. Most people don't get to have a Tiger Tunes experience in their lives. The ones that do, might get four shows. I got four of the BEST shows. EEE and Kappa Chi are the two winning-est clubs in Tiger Tunes history (at least according to TigerTunesFan.com) and I was a part of two first place and two second place shows. And yes, I brag about it. Because honestly, when it comes to Tiger Tunes, I will always be a junior in college. 

Even this year, as I cheered for my guys and gals, I felt the same rivalry, the same passion, the same excitement. These kids I don't know, have never seen in person... I felt like they were my sweet friends from five years ago as I watched the performances. I cheered from Florida like I was there in Arkadelphia, in Jones Performing Arts Center, sitting in the audience. And I held my breath as they announced my first place EEEs and my second place Kappa boys. 

October is the best time of year. Fall. Caramel Apple Cider. And Tunes. Always Tunes. 

Even alone in Orlando, this was a great weekend. Here's to you, Tunes!

love, me


  1. Aww! I love those traditions that are different from typical universities. My college (Berry College) has one- Mountain Day- and it's so hard to explain to people who aren't Berry College alumni.

  2. Yes, I don't really think anyone could understand all the dynamics for these kinds of days. But MAN are they a huge part of college. I miss it so much.