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Well, I was looking back over my blogging life and noticed a post that had an unexpected high number of views. So, I thought I would go back 3 years and see which posts people read the most. The answers were surprising. Here is a walk down memory lane at the happy life blog. 

1. Eat on $25 a week. Well, this one has almost five thousand views, but that's just because of Pinterest! 

3. Praying the Rosary. I actually think this post is popular because of the Anglican rosary image I used. But if you aren't Catholic and have ever given a thought to the rosary, check this post out. I do not always pray the rosary but sometimes I like the ritual.

2. The End of Judas' Story. For the past two years, I have done a mini series of Passion Week reflections. This post got almost a thousand views, which is like 3x more than the next most viewed. I don't know why. No one has ever commented on it, or shared it (that I know about). No one has ever mentioned it. But someone is looking at it. I prayed over each post that week... perhaps someone's life was changed. I LOVE doing these series. I love this post! How amazing and odd. 

4. Bathroom Makeover Reveal. This one only got views because of Pinterest, too. I offered a free printable. But I don't care, because it's my only successful makeover post. Okay, my only makeover post.

5. Days 3-5 from a blog challenge in 2011. I have NO idea why this post got so much love. I mean... it's okay and all. But how random is the internet! :)

Note: Only after I scrolled through ALL my posts did I realize you could just click to look at your top posts. Whoops. Oh well!

Have you ever looked at your most popular posts? Were you shocked to see what tops the list? Also, search terms -- have you looked at those? The Blogger stats are so interesting. Check them out next time you're on your Dashboard!

love, me

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